I got a tattoo 4 days ago and since then my leg has been pretty swollen and feels tight the tattoo itself is fine no infection no redness nothing just the swelling leg what causes this and is it normal and what should i do?


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Did you put anything over your tattoo?any products?
My brother gets tattoo's all the time & hes always swollen for a few days. Its perfectly normal. & I think what causes it is when there doing the tattoo it's very painful so of course its going to be sore & swollen. Its just like when you go to the gym and it hurts to work out & the next day your very sore & sometimes your egs are swollen.
Hoped this helped.(:
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Allergic reaction to the ink. When you got the tatto, the ink flowed into the bloodstream and irritated the cells causing them to swell.

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