MEN: Are Tattoos Tacky?


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Harley Balck answered
Well other than commonly being referred to as "Tramp Stamps" I Guess they are OK? I do not know of anyone who sees one on a Woman and thinks "Wow!! That Tat really does make her look Beautiful". They do however think, and say, that makes her look ( Cheap, Slutty, Trashy Etc ) BUT!! It is a personal choice and one I feel you have to think through very carefully because it is yours from now on. Just as an FYI we saw one on a young lady this Summer at the beach, while with my family, much like the one you mention and like you see on women everywhere these days. My wife mentioned to her that it I was very well done... She got mad and made a huge deal about people "looking" at her "Ass". So you have to be prepared for the "Good", and "Bad", if you choose to get one.
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I think they are so tacky.  I considered getting one when I was younger, but could not make up my mind as to what to get.  Thank goodness I grew out of that phase.  I think it is not only in bad taste but something that you will regret later on.  Don't do it.  Even if no one tells you to your face, they will think you are trash because of it.
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It depends upon the other's thinking. In my opinion it is tacky. Why do you need that. Do you want to show it to others or you want it for yourself. What contentment you want from it? As simple as you would be as beautiful you will become.
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On women definitely yes,your given a beautiful body and then daub all over it,trampy sluttish and in appaulingly bad taste.
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I personally do have a tattoo..I think that people who have them all over their entire body seem to be tacky.. But its their body. Some people though feel that if they have lost someone they will get a tattoo to always feel they are with them. But the people that get them just to say that the have one or to show it off.. That's tacky.. But I guess it really depends on how a person feels whether they are tacky or not.
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Overlooking the fact they make me gag, I find they are invariably sported by women with either a) no imagination or b) too much imagination.

"Vacuous or Nut job" is not a message most people usually wish to send out...

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A tat can emphasise certain features, and make you look sexy. Porn stars have tattoos, there sexy. Don't listen to the nerds saying they are 'tramp stamps' - a tattoo is something personal which reflects who you are. I think they can be very artistic. Would having a piercing be 'slutty'? Perhaps 50 years ago LOL.
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I don't think so but I like tattoos on women if there done in a way that they look good

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