Can A Black Person Get A Curly Perm And Use The Same Perm Products That White People Use On There Hair?


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This is perfectly possible but you need to find a hairstylist that is going to be willing to do it. Most perms will be designed for straight hair but you can use the perm and its products to texturise your hair. Curly perms are stronger than the relaxed perms.

After you have had a perm your hair can become thinner and drier, no matter whether you’re black or white. If you’re looking for a more natural style to your hair then it’s definitely worth a try, as black hair can often be associated with being frizzy and large. Make sure you don’t go about trying to do the perm and adding products all by yourself - you will need a great hairstylist. In fact, you can find a wide range of hairstylists out there that specialise in hairstyling for black people and people of other racial backgrounds, so you’ll always have somebody at hand who can help you with your perm.

Before you do anything you need to find out what it is that you’re looking for. A curly perm can be used as a texturiser, certainly, but if done wrong then it can make your hair look worse, and cause you other problems with it in the future. This kind of perm lasts longer than a relaxer perm, and it can make hair prone to breakage, hence, you will need to ensure that you use the conditioner that your hairstylist has suggested to do you keep the hair hydrated. It can be used to make your curls smaller or bigger, hence, perms are really diverse. Make sure you keep in touch with your stylist about your hair and everything will be fine.
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Yes you can. You need to find a hairstylist that is willing to do it. Most Perms are designed for straight hair but you can use it to texturize your hair. Curly perm is stronger than relaxer (lye)
After a perm your hair can become thinner/drier but if you are looking for more natural looking style you should give it a try. Don't do it by yourself. Find out the look that you are looking for. Curly perm can be use definitely as a texturizer. That perm last longer than relaxer it makes the hair very dry and prone to breakage therefore you must use leaving conditioner in order to keep the hair Hydrate. It can be use to make your curl smaller or  bigger.
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Actually I am Caucasian and I have a super curly perm. I use the hair products that are targeted for use by Black women. I use stuff that promises to moisturize and bring out the curl. SMOOTH SHINE is a mousse that has a curly product and one for 'normal' hair. I find it in the aisle that has ethnic hair products. Garnier and some other brands make good conditioners and 'product's' for curly hair. My hairdresser tells me to use these products so I know they are good. She is top notch hairdresser! Black women are always complimenting me on my hair. I am in a Relationship with a Black or African American Man and he likes the way these products make my hair shine and manage.
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Of course. But, to get the full effects, you need to make sure you deep-condition {think hair mask - a natural remedies ; when your in the shower, put conditioner in your hair but don't wash it out yet. Leave it in for 3 minutes, THEN wash it out. It should be noticeably silkier. You can also use olive oil in your hair before you go to bed - then, wash it out in the morning. INSTANT body! {don't use too much, since it will stick to the shaft of your hair, and it can even deplete your natural hair oils, too} Afterwards, use a thick curling iron, and do that. MAKE sure to use moisturising products, or your fragile hair may break &/or get frizzy/flyaways.

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