Would I look good with a perm? Not like a big curly-q perm but a spiral one?


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Hmm... I'd have to say there's more to the decision to get a perm than tight curls or spiral curls, and 'would I look good...?'. That is this:

"I'm Mandy and I do track and field, play baseball, and I played some basketball."

Are you SURE you will be able to control your new springy locks while being active? And how hard will it be to KEEP it curled, if you are that active?

Of course, I'm biased... =P I LOVE the smooth and shiny look of straight hair, and yours is absolutely MAGNIFICENT. You don't have that kind of tattered look to the ends that many straight haired girls have because their hair is straight AND doesn't like to bend in the same direction, while yours does that wonderful cascade over your shoulders and holds together creating that smooth flow look, that just begs a person to run their fingers through it... =D

I know that girls with straight hair want curls, and girls with curls want sleek, straight hair... But in my opinion (and this is all based on the picture you have on your account), you look great with your natural hair, and it would be a shame to see it be damaged by the perm chemicals or risk getting frizzed. Style all you want, even use hair spray to set medium to large curls into your hair to see how it works, but PLEASE don't perm your wonderful locks! (Hmm... Seems a little over the top, but what the heck)

Hope my 2 cents worth helps a little, and however you decide to do it, that you have a great day!
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Thanks!:) I asked two of my friends about it and they said to keep my hair the same
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Hey! You owe me a helpful!! =P Just kiddin! See? Just like I said... Some people look good with curls because they have limp/thin hair, and curls add volume. But you have terrific hair, so you shouldn't change it. If you got a perm, it'd probably be just too big, and make your head look oversize. I'm glad you're keeping it! (^_^)

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