Is It Possible For Women To Have Facial Hair?


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Yes women can have facial hair but it is usually a lot lighter due to their lack of male hormones.
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It is completely possible for women to have facial hair even though it is considered to be a manly trait. This is because all women have different levels of hormones and it is the male hormones which cause facial hair to grow. It could be caused by medication or it could be that you have naturally high levels of male hormones in your body which causes a lot of hair growth. Usually women who do have facial hair growth also have a lot of hair on the rest of their bodies too.

There are products which help you to get rid of your facial hair so if you are having problems with it then there is help available. Consulting your doctor would be a good first step to see what they recommend for you. Facial hair in women can cause a lot of distress but it is purely caused by hormones and there are things which you can do to get rid of it.

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