What Color Lingerie Do You Think Is Sexy? This Includes To Look At Someone In, Or To Wear .


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Chris Profile
Chris answered
Different colors evoke different reactions, so it depends upon your motive.  Pink is always very feminine and black is very sensual.  White is the most common worn by women but very boring to most guys.  I am not sure what colors women find sexy on men.
Sophie Carroll Profile
Sophie Carroll answered

I like wearing silk underwear, too. But I prefer light colors, like champagne, soft blue or soft pink. My last order was Silk Nighties on this site and I was very satisfied with the quality of the product I received. The fabric is very nice to the touch, no threads sticking out or rough edges. Super quality!

Sergio Jemas Profile
Sergio Jemas answered

I love it when my girlfriend wears a black silk nightgown. It looks gorgeous on her body.

Lee Jay Profile
Lee Jay answered
I like all colours and it is up to my mood each day what I pick to wear ... And my wife loves seeing me wearing them too ... Even white, if they are lacy (not plain Jane's).

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