What Were Some Popular Hair Styles In The 1960s?


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As the world moved into the swinging 1960s, women started to break away from the post-war sugar-set hair styles, and started to experiment with their hair.

Mention haircuts from the '60s, and most people will think of one of the following:

The Artichoke
For many women, the Sixties was a time of experimenting and exploring boundaries.  As the dark times of post-war passed and industry began to grow again, fashion and art were synonymous with one another.  Often this translated into weird and wonderful hairstyles as well as psychedelic clothes!

The Artichoke was named that as it was thought to resemble the vegetable of the same name, and the idea was to have flicks of hair at different layers on a short style.  Here is an image of a soft version of it.

The Flick Perhaps made most famous in the television series Bewitched, the flick was incredibly pretty and feminine.  The style is not a far cry from those of the '50s, but was less set, and the waves were bigger and sexier. 

Jackie Kennedy
Leading fashion from the forefront, Jackie Kennedy was a style Icon for many women.  Always dressed to perfection, her bob was the ultimate in stylish perfection without looking too harsh or stern.

The Beehive

Perhaps one of the most iconic styles of the Sixties was the beehive.  The name came from the fact that the hair style was the same shape as a real beehive! 

Height was added to hair in most 60's styles, with women sleeping in painful curlers every night to encourage volume in their hair.

The Beehive took this to a new level.  Women back-combed the underneath layers of their hair to then dress the top layers over. 

Many tricks were used to maintain the height.  One of the most popular methods was sugar water, which went even harder than modern day hairspray when it set!

The Crop
The new-found sexual freedom women felt from taking the pill (meaning sex outside of marriage was now less likely to result in a tell-tale pregnancy) prompted women to feel empowered - and women of the sixties showed this in many ways.  Some by being very feminine, and others by purposefully looking androgynous.

It would often be hard to tell the man and women in a relationship apart as women started to wear suits and ties along with a fantastic sexy cropped hair style. The likes of Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn made this particularly fashionable with a softer version.

This hair style has seen a recent revival, being sported by Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder and Carey Mulligan.
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My mom had this thing called the Artichoke which was a very layered short cut that had little points in it, (that's why the name), and little points that came out on to her cheeks. I don't know what she could have been thinking...

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