What Hair Grease Was Around In The 1960's?


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When you think of the 1960's, you think of men with greased back shiny hair, like those seen in Grease, the well known musical.

Most men followed this style and there were a variety of products they used to accomplish this look.

One of the most common was Brylcreem, which is made from water oil and beeswax. This was very effective in creating a strong hold for men to grease their hair back.

Pomade was similar to Brylcreem in the way that it held the hair, but was also used to get a distinctive shine. It was popular throughout most of the 20th Century but isn't around much today, with the development of other hair gels taking over this area of men's grooming.

The two hair grease brands mentioned above where main products that were used back in the Sixities, but here is a more comprehensive list of other brands that also sold hair grease during that period:

  • Royal Crown Hairdressing
  • Black and White Hairdressing
  • Grizzly Grease
  • Goon Grease
  • Wildroot Cream oil
  • Joe Louis Hair Pomade
  • Dax Hair wax

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