What Is The Purpose Of Tattoos?


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Tattoo is a sign, mark or drawing made by introducing color into the skin with help of different instruments. Tattoos can be introduced on skin of both animal and humans.

Tattooing is practice of several native peoples around the world. These tattoos are used for different purpose like in old days Tattoos have served as

• Symbols of status and position.
• Symbols of spiritual devotion and religious.
• Medal for courage.
• Punishment.
• Charm.
• Defense.
• As the symbols of exiles, slaves and criminals.

The symbolism and impact of tattoos differ with respect to places and cultures. Now a day tattoos are used for:

• Cosmetic reasons.
• Sentimental/memorial reasons.
• Religious reasons.
• Magical reasons.
• Symbolize belonging
• Identification of particular groups.
• Bands.
• Football teams' logos.

People like to put different tattoos on their body just to showhow importance that thing has in their lives.

Tattoos are also to be found on animals, though very seldom for decoration purposes. Pet cats and dogs are often tattooed on inner thigh or in the ear with a serial number for identification purposes.

When used as a form of cosmetics, tattooing includes everlasting makeup, and hiding skin discolorations. Permanent makeup are tattoos that make lips, moles, eyebrows and eyes even more prominent usually with natural colors as the designs are used to be of similar makeup.
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For me tattoos are a are just a little permanent reminder of something that meant a lot and will mean something for life. I have two tattoos which I can cover with a t shirt. One of a Motorcycle racer who was loved by thousands and an ex world champion. He died racing. The other is the Suzuki Hayabusa motif, a bike which nearly killed me, on the arm which was broken along with the shoulder hand and ribs. I gave up biking for now. Lol
But people who cover everything with tats. They seem to mean nothing other than decoration. Nothing stands out.
Minimalist rules. Lol Maybe that could be a good one.
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Tattoos can express what some one feels through pictures,like joy, hurt, etc.
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To celebrate and decorate the temple of your soul and body
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Tattooing is an old trend, but we can say that nowadays it has become an fashion trend among all the youngsters, and in tattoos there are different types of varieties which have also came to the market.

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There was enough said about the purposes of tattoos but I want to add my two cents. Each tattoo has its own meaning and history. And there are many different things which you can find interesting. Tell you what, visit this site and read about various tattoos.

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I guess people think it makes them look cool.

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