Can I Get My Eyeliner Tattoo On My Eye Lid Instead Of Going To The Salon Permanent Cosmetic?


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A lot of tattoo artist will not do permanent make up. So you would be better off going to a salon, to a pro permanent make up artist who knows exactly what they are doing. You also have to get it touched up like every year. I know a few people who have had bad experiences with this and they had to have the make up redone. So you might want to check around in your area to see who does the best job. [tip: I recommend getting brown to dark brown cause black will turn green after so many years.] good luck!!
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lolz yea the black ink does turn green after so wha years. It's just like a regular tattoo on your body, you gotta get it retouch.
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If you do not mind getting the touch ups go for it. However, that is going to be a painful spot for a tattoo. Think of having to have it done over and over again.

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