How Do You Get Rid Of The Bump Under Your Nose Ring?


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Clean it a few times a day with a sea salt and boiling water mixture, preferably with a cotton bud so you can centralise the pressure. Moisturise the skin around the bump so it doesn't get too dry because salt can do this. Also, get some antibacterial wipes if possible just to keep it clean. If it doesn't go away antibiotics could help but the doctor may not prescribe them. Do not change or touch the piercing. Yellow puss may come out of the piercing and at times form a crust but try to get rid of this with the salt water or an antibacterial wipe rather than picking at it. Make sure your piercing is made out of something that won't cause a reaction such as surgical steel, titanium or gold. Look up the difference between a gran and a keloid scar so you know exactly how to treat it. It should take a few weeks to heal, if not, go to a professional piercer or doctor. Chances are you'll heal just fine. Good luck!

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