How Do I Get Rid Of Pink Scars?


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Pink scars that are left from injuries or acne can be removed both at home and surgically. The severity of the scar and how it was caused will have some effect on the way in which it should be removed.

There are many herbal remedies out there that claim to be the ultimate solution to getting rid of scars but do be wary of investing in such products. While they will certainly contribute towards making your skin healthier, they may not have the instant and strong results that you desire. Some of the methods for getting rid of pink scars include; chemical peels, punch techniques, augmentation and dermabrasion.

  • Chemical peels
These are most suited for any small and very mild scars. Chemical peels involve a high potency acid being applied to the skin. This acid removes the top layer of the skin to make the smoother layer underneath appear. Most often these peels will need several applications.

  • Punch techniques
Deep ice pick scars can be removed effectively with punch techniques. These techniques can be categorized as punch excision, punch elevation and punch replacement. Excision uses a punch biopsy tool to excise the scar and the wound is left to heal.

Elevation involves the same process but the walls are left intact at the base is raised to join them. Replacement, again with the same tool but a skin graft is used to replace where the scar was.

  • Augmentation
Material is injected into the skin, underneath the scar, to bring it to the same level as the skin. Filler is then used in the dent. This method is only temporary and can last up to six months.

  • Dermabrasion
A hand held tool is used to remove the damaged skin of the scar and allow new skin to grow in its place. The skin is frozen and scraped off and a scab is allowed to form in its place.

These are just four of the ways that pink scars can be removed. To find the method that is most suited to you, seek the advice of a medical expert.
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Scars on body look ugly. There are many different scars which are natural or one can say there is no other option of treatment without the scars like surgical scars.
Scar removal creams and home remedies are available but best to get laser scar removal treatment for quick and lasting results.

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