Are piercings on your nose, nipples, bellybutton necessary? What kind of person would do such a thing to poke holes in their skin?


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Personally I think there is no point in piercing's. But I
want a belly button ring, I don't even know why I've just wanted one for 2
years and might get it over the summer.
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Congratulations!  That’s the best question I’ve seen
here in a long time and I agree strongly with you. I don’t understand why
people have to destroy the beautiful body God gave them with piercings and
tattoos, all for no real reason. By the way, this is the girl I'm talking about
before. Awesome, thank you.
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• The belly button I can understand because in the summer time when girls wear bikinis a belly button piercing is sexually appealing, but the others some people think that it is expressive to their essence, but I think it’s ridiculous because who wants to see an 80 year old man/woman with a noes, and lip piercing, and tattoo on their chest.
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Maxine Chan
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I know right? When you get old, piercings would look horrible on you unless you do not age.
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I have my nose pierced
I don't agree with belly botton rings though because I am going to become a surgeon and I don't want some patient ripping it out (ouch) ohhh and my mom knew someone who got pregnant and started breast feeding so she took out the piercings in her nipples and milk was spraying everywhere it was hilarious! :D
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No its not
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People do this to show their individuality.  Because each piercing is different and individual, people who don't agree with it , need to keep their mouths shut, and their opinions to themselves .
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Hello, website for questions and opinions...every one has thier opinion to voice hence Blurtit just saying but its your thing do what you want to do, but dont be rude to people especially on the internet (website full of opinions!!!!!!!!!!) just because you dont like their opinions its uber disrespectful and you wouldnt appreciate it if someone did the same to you nd dont lie about
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Thanks for backing me up on this, Shaw:)
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