Men's Eyebrows: How Do I Get Them Looking Right?


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Whilst there's nothing more manly and attractive then rugged features and a bit of stubble, there's a difference between manly and mono-brow. If you are a man having trouble taming his eyebrows, rest assured you're not alone.

Men grooming their eyebrows.

Whilst spending time in front of the mirror with a pair of tweezers might not sound like the most manly pursuit, there's nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance and paying attention to your eyebrows.

The main danger with eyebrows is that once you've made a mistake, there's no undo button. No man wants to go around with pencilled-in patches where he's made the mistake of hacking away at his facial hair, so unless you're very confident with a pair of tweezers (or you don't mind wearing ski-goggles for a few weeks) I'd recommend going to a pro initially.

Most salons these days have staff who are trained in shaping eyebrows to suit men, and this will be key. You'll want your eyebrow technician to give your brow line a 'clearer' appearance without making your brows look over-groomed.

What's the benefits of a man grooming his eyebrows?

Eyebrows can sometimes seem like rather pointless little features on our face, but they actually serve several important roles.
  1. Their primary job is to prevent moisture or sweat from dripping into our eyes.
  2. They are an important part in how people interpret our facial expressions.
  3. When it comes to the way women perceive men, eyebrows can play an important part. A thick pair of unruly eyebrows may over-burden your face, making your expression look scowly and unapproachable. Taming those brows can give you a much clearer look, and will help make your eyes and other features more prominent.
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You could get them waxed professionally.  Get them shaped...less bushy.  Once you do this it will be easier to keep them up.  They also have stencils you can buy to help you in shaping your eyebrows.  One place I know you can get them is AVON.  They were in the last catalog.
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If you are a guy and you decide to do something with your eyebrows, people will notice. Just make sure you are prepared for the consequences. A guy in my year had a bit of a monobrow, then he got it 'fixed', but everyone noticed and mocked him. So just be careful. Xxxx

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