How Long Does It Take For A Tongue Piercing To Heal?


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A tongue piercing usually takes between three and six weeks to heal, and you must remember not to change the jewelry until it has fully healed.

With regards to tongue piercings, it's important to consider where on your tongue you should place the piercing. There are three main things you need to take into account with regards to placement before you have your piercing. The first thing is that the piercing is placed in the center of the width of your tongue and that it is put in a short distance from the tip of your tongue. In addition, it must be placed in front of the webbing underneath your tongue, which is known as the lingual frenulum. Some people's webbing is much further forward than normal so if your piercing is placed closer to the tip of your tongue then it could cause damage to your teeth. Ensure that your lingual frenulum is checked beforehand.

In order to speed up the process of healing and to make sure you return to full comfort you should suck on ice chips or eat ice for the first few days as this will help reduce the swelling. Also, you need to keep in mind that you should clean your mouth after you eat any food, as well as drink any alcohol, sodas or juice. The only exception is water and in addition, if you smoke you should wash your mouth out after every cigarette. However, you must not clean it too much because it may cause irritation and in some cases infection. If you are suffering from any problems such as continuous swelling or a tear then you should go back to your piercer. Ensure that you do not remove the piercing unless instructed to do so by a professional.

I Just Got Snake Eyes Yesterday, And I Have The Middle Of My tongue Pierced.  The middle Piercing Took About A Week For The Swelling To Go Down. Now My Snake eyes Is really Swollen. I Can't talk At All. But It's Normal. For The White Stuff On Your Tongue, It's Your Tongues way Of Scabbing. It's Normal.

Other tips:

  • The Whole Eating Ice Is A BAD Idea. Ice Will freeze The Natural Blood Cell Flow that Makes it Heal, Making The Healing process Longer.

  • Just Drink Cold Water. Try To Avoid Eating Ice.

  • Gargle and swill your mouth with "Corsodyl" this is used after dental surgery and will help prevent infection and promote healing.

  • Try to avoid sharp foods such as crisps and stick to eating soup for the first couple of days.

After a week your tongue should be back to normal.  If you have any green or yellow pus coming from the wound, there is a chance that it is infected, so try corsodyl for a day or two and if this doesn't help then go to a nurse as you might need mild antibiotics to help clear the infection up.

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I got my tongue pierced a year ago.  It was sore and swollen for about 8 days then I was able to eat comfortably.  I took Ibuprofen around the clock and used a special mouthwash that keeps you from getting dry mouth and does not contain alcohol.  I also had to eat a lot of Popsicles and soft foods.  I changed to a smaller barbell about 4-6 weeks later.  That was more comfortable.  However the tongue is a muscle, so someone told me that for it to completely heal it takes about a year and even then you shouldn't leave the piercing out for more that a couple of hours if that long. Barbells with plastic balls are better to use because if you accidentally bite your tongue ring you want shatter your teeth.  So good luck and enjoy your new tongue ring.
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I had mine done on thursday, today is didnt hurt at all, I didnt eat but I drank ensure n boost n stuff, I took ibuprofen frm about an hr after the piercing. So I had little or no pain.. The next morning it hurt because my mouth was dirty and was a bit swollen.. I ate mash potato but then it started bleeding... It bled three times that day and a friend told me the milk drinks could have caused bacteria that could have stopped the healing process.  I stopped the dairy products and the bleeding stopped... Also my mouth started feeling cleaner.. Hot stuff irritates it.. Cold stuff cools it.. So far ive been  doing well except for some puss coming out of it but my friend who does piercings assured me its just your tongue getting use to a bar through it... So eat lots of soups, soft foods.....make sure its room temperature and rinse after putting anything thats not water in your mouth...
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A tongue piercing will typically take between 4 to 6 weeks in order to heal completely. However, you need to keep in mind that the time taken to heal will vary from person to person. Remember that there are a range of factor that may contribute to the healing time, such as the choice of metal, aftercare and supplements taken.

The aftercare necessary for tongue piercing is more complex than that required for most other piercing. This is due to the fact that the healing piercing comes into contact with just about anything that enters the mouth.

Hence, most certified piercing parlours will advocate after care guidelines such as abstinence from smoking and to a daily thorough mouth rinse with a specific recommended antiseptic mouthwash.
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my dad said i can get my tongue pierced and I've booked it and everything but the only thing is that it only has 2 days to heal before school so i don't know if i should get it done ........should i get it done
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For the swelling, it depends on the person but it shouldn't be more than a week to a week and a half. It will be painful to eat, so I suggest lots of icecream, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. No yogurt or beer! They both have live yeast cultures in them and you will get a yeast infection in your mouth. After you eat or smoke, make sure you use mouthwash, it has to be antiseptic or it won't help any. Good luck.
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I've had my tongue pierced for about a year and a half. Now if you are talking about taking it out and it not closing kind of healing. I would suggest you leave it out for too long. My boyfriend takes his out for a day or two and it almost closes.
As far as the swelling, soreness give it a couple weeks maybe just a little longer. Of course it might always be different for everyone. A number of my friends have had their tongues pierced and the pain and discomfort varied from person to person.
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Does it hurt to talk ?

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Haha I must be lucky because I got my tongue pierced last year and it only took about a day or so for the swelling to go down. Using h2ocean helped a lot. That and I kept a small spray bottle of mouthwash with me.

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