Does A Tongue Piercing Cause Heart Disease?


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A tongue piercing is absolutely known to cause tooth problems (such as damage to the enamel of the teeth & breakage of the teeth) & other oral problems. It can increase the risk for endocarditis (which is an infection within the heart and blood vessels), especially in a person who has an abnormality within the heart to begin with. Poor dental hygiene is also associated with heart trouble later on, whether you have a tongue piercing or not.

In every person's mouth there are many bacteria, which can cause bad breath & tooth decay. When you get your tongue pierced, you give the bacteria a way to get into your bloodstream, particularly when the tongue is healing from the piercing. They can then travel directly to the heart & set up an infection.

Hope this helps! Overall, I would pierce (or not!) another, less risky part of my body!
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Not that, I know of but it is dangerous and I wouldn't recommend getting it done, try an ear piercing it has less risk and less pain.
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Everybody I talked with says it definitively causes the lose of taste buds on your tongue! And that is forever!

My hearing was damaged very severely in my military service, And when I was given very good hearing aids, the nurse dropped something on the floor!

I started to cry and the nurse said why are you crying? My reply was do you know that it's been 38 years since I've heard that sound! I had forgot it even existed!

So I would do a lot of thinking about what you are thinking about giving up, just to be COOL!
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Please do some research on, They provide excellent advice and cut through the scare mongering designed to stop anyone getting anything pierced that society doesnt agree with!

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