How Do You Cure An Infected Pierced Nipple?


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One great way of getting rid of the pain and infection that come hand in hand with an infected pierced nipple is a sea salt soak. Body piercings will always be prone to infection given their whole nature. They are essentially a large wound that is willingly inflicted on the body that is held open with a piece of jewelry. Making matters even worse, the body is designed to push out foreign bodies and hence it's nor surprising why a nipple piercing is subject to huge repulsing forces from the body. This makes you susceptible to infection in the wound. To have a sea salt scrub to clean it you'll need dead sea salt and a shot glass.

Start by pouring some hot water into a shot glass, or another small lipped glass. The shot glass is better for curing infected body piercings given that it is able to surround the wound and piercing much more precisely that other kinds of glasses. Use dead sea salt in the water and only add enough to be easily dissolved. Then tip the glass over the wound. Press the glass firmly against the skin and a seal should form to stop the water getting out. Hold the glass there for around five minutes, and this will give the salt the time to clean away dead flesh inside of the piercing.

Then when you have held the shot glass against the wound and piercing for the right amount of time, remove the glass without spilling the dirty salt water. You should then clean your wound and piercing with warm and clean water - without salt. You should use this sea salt soak method twice a day for a piercing infection, once in the morning and once at night. If the infection doesn't clear up in three days, then you'll no doubt have to go and see a doctor about getting some specialist treatment and medication to get rid of the troublesome infection.
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No no no!
Do NOT use Neosporin or alcohol, any reputable piercer or even a quick google search will tell you this!
Use a gentle sea salt soak, or a diluted tea-tree soak. In cases of a more serious infection, you  should see a doctor - you might also need antibiotics.
Do NOT remove the piercing - it acts as a drain for the pus. If the wound is closed whilst it is still infected, an abcess can form, making things far worse and more difficult to treat!
Also, some discharge is normal for a nipple piercing, particularly for females (it varies according to your hormonal cycle)
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First off is it truly infected or is it just irritated?
If it is infected soaking in sea salt washes and using mild anti-bacterial soap will cure most infections,
if it is just irritated the sea salt washes will help that as well as a little neosporin or bacitracin to keep the skin moist....
Whatever you do if it is truly infected go see your piercer and your doctor....however do not just take the piercing out without professional advise....taking it out can force the infection deeper in your body with no way to drain it out or dry it up causing way way more problems than just a minor discomfort/minor infection...
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Mix a very small amount of disinfectant with warm water and dab it with cotton wool. I am a genuine ear piercer and this works everytime.
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First remove the ring from the nipple. Buy some antibacterial cream and put it on the infected area, keep covered and change dressing daily until the infection clears. If the infection doesn't clear go see a doctor before the infection gets too great.
If you must pierce your nipple then use nothing but good gold for the ring. Using cheap metal will/may cause another infection. Should you choose to try this again and it does get infected again, you should think about not having the nipple pierced as it may be too sensitive of an area to be pierce on you.
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This is totally incorrect!!!
Do not remove the ring until the infection is cleared it needs a way to drain and if the entry/exit wounds are closed it will move deeper
as far as using gold for the ring, stainless steel is fine as well

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