How Do I Take Care Of My Infected Nose Piercing?


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Wow.  Some people are idiots.
Don't put glue on your nose.  Don't apply harsh chemicals to your piercing site.  Don't use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide - too harsh.
Boil water and add a small amount of pure sea salt.
Once the water has cooled enough to touch your skin, dip q-tips in and gently swab around the piercing site, inside and outside your nose.
Then, immerse your nose in the water, and try to let it soak for at least 5-10 minutes.  Repeat this at least twice a day.  Keep your sheets and towels clean, don't apply makeup over the piercing, and be as gentle as you possibly can.  Don't twist the stud/ring and don't remove it.
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Ok look I've had my nose pierced for years! When I first got it pierced I developed a very painful bump (keloid) on my nose. Before you go to bed take an aspirin and crush it very fine and place a DROP of water on it, just enough to make a thick paste. Then put the paste over the entire piercing and then put a bandaid over it. Leave this on ALL night and take it off in the morning and you can rinse the excess powder off with water or Basting with a Q-tip. It will be gone in a week or two if you do it right every night!
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I have been having the same problem with the painful bump... I havent heard of doing this anywhere... Where did you here about it at?
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Im going to try this! Hope it works, wil let u knw!
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Does the asperin work?
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Tha is crazy as hell. Don't put some damn super glue and nail polish on your nose expecially if it is pierced. That is common since. Do the aspirin paste.

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Nose piercing often result in infections, which is very painful as well as gives a bad look to your appearance. First of all use a nose pin that is made of pure silver. Silver is a known antiseptic element and if used as a nose pin or an ear pin, it prevents any infections. Secondly keep the nose pin area clean and apply an antiseptic regularly to prevent any infections.
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I don't have my nose pierced  but I put on the fake gems with krazy glue and I think one day my skin sort off peeled off with the glue. Now this clear watery liquid comes out and then it hardens in place. I peeled of the hardened clear liquid but it goes goes back.. I don't know what to do. Is my nose infected? And if it is what shuld I do??
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I pierced my nose and it kept coming out, so I got clear nail polish and put it on the stud then put it back in. It burned but then it stoped. It hasn't fallen out since (:

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