What Is The Meaning Behind Navel/belly Button Peircings?


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It actually does have meaning and its origins are well rooted in human history.  In the time of the pharaohs in Egypt, only pharaoh was allowed to have his belly button pierced, it was a sign of wealth and his divine right to the throne.  Anyone else caught with such a piercing was sentenced to death.

Body piercings of all kinds, including nipple and genital piercings continued to be popular into Roman and Greek times, the Medieval and Victorian eras, and well into modern history.  Such piercings were a way to display one's wealth, jewelery was large and elaborate and was also used to accent and draw attention to one's natural physical endowments.  The piercings were also a source of physical pleasure during sexual acts, and eventually became commonplace in the outwardly conservative Victorian era.  

Everything in our modern era has meaning and purpose in history- the things we do that we view as new and trendy were often new and trendy and had practical purpose a thousand years ago...

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It really doesnt have a meaning to it. I have mine pierced. I got it done in july 19,2008 and I'm just 15.
It is  painful and if you don't take care of it it will get infected but it also looks cute and ONCE AGAIN IT DOESNT HAVE A MEANING TO IT!!!
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I ended up getting mine done february 8th..
It was a 13th birthday present..
A lot of people think im too young but w/e..
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It is a modern invention and has no deep history like some other piercings. It is considered an erogenous zone.... There is no general meaning to it, but it is considered a sexual piercing. www.bmezine.com
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There is nothing wrong with getting your belly button pierced. If it makes you feel more sexy, or whatever the reason, then I say go for it.
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I have never heard such a thing.  You either get your belly button pierced or you don't.  If you do it under the age of 18 you do need your guardians permission and to be with you.  It is easy to get infected and very painful.  But it is up to you.  Navel is a another word for belly button.  That is all this means.  I have never heard it meaning any thing else.  They must just be trying to give you a hard time or some thing.  Good luck and take care.

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