Why Does My Skin Get Red After Taking A Shower?


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Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! Most people look a bit pink after they’ve come out of the shower. It’s not dangerous, but it does mean that the water might be too hot for you.

If having red skin for the next half an hour bothers you so much, just start taking cooler showers!

When you shower in hot water, you’re giving your body a temperature shock. This causes your blood to rise to the surface.

Your body will then attempt to regulate its temperature, and your blood vessels will expand because they’re hot – this is why your skin often looks blotchy after a shower, rather than being red all over. 

Once your body is over the shock of being submerged in hot water, and you’re wandering around your house with air circulating around you, your blood vessels will calm down and your skin will return to a normal color. Really, it’s nothing to worry about!
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Your water may be too hot, or you may be using a soap or shampoo or bodywash that is affecting your skin. Try using less hot water, or different products in the shower.
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Don't take too hot water for shower. I suggest that you check the purity of water. If the water you are using for shower is pure or having any impurities.

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Probably your water is too hot. Try turning it down to cooler and see if it helps. Or you may be allergic to your soap.

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