My Skin Is All Blotchy & Red. I Would Like To Have Smooth Even Skin. I Have Large Pores & Freckles. I Am Embarrased To Go Out In Public Without Make-up. What Can I Do To Help My Skin?


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Hey Vero! The first thing you have to realize is that no body (not even those cover page models) has perfect skin. Everyone has one defect or the other in their skin so you should not feel bad about yourself. You can start of with taking extra care of your skin by washing frequently to clean of dirt and by applying only that makeup which suits your skin. Try avoiding the sun as much as possible and make sure you cover your face from direct sunlight whenever you go out also, use a broad spectrum sunscreen which is at least SPF 15. Avoiding the sun would make your skin less vulnerable to freckles.
There are several fruit masks available in markets they would help you lighten your freckles. You should apply olive oil on your skin each night before going to bed as a remedy against freckles.
As far as your large pores are concerned one of the best natural remedy is to massaging grounded coffee beans mixed with egg white.

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Have used a bunch of different night moisturizers in the past and NONE compare to the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer. The cream doesn't smell all fruity like the others I've used.

The cream really penetrates the skin, doesn't just sit on top of skin making your face look like you brushed oil on it. It balances the tone of my ruddy dry blotchy complexion and moisturizes very well. Even upon waking up my skin looks great. My skin looks and feels hydrated. Definitely recommended for women who are looking to even their skin tone and have a glowing look on their face.
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I have basically the same problem with my skin too, its so annoying because it's like always red because it so sensitive so everyone asks if I'm overheating and its embarrassing ;( also I hate my freckles!
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I have the exact same problem and need help. I look overheated everyday during the summer. Even when I'm not. I need help because the cream the person recommended above is to expensive for me. Any cheap or home remedies?

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