Why Is The Skin Under My Eyes Red And Sore?


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This could be caused by allergies, is there an animal around, or may be environmental as everything is blooming. Try some over the counter eye drops. And if there is an animal in the house with fur, like a cat or dog, may be the cause, or may just be some irratant you got into your eyes, like shampoo. If this gets worse get to a doctor or clinic, as it may also be sty or pink eye. In all cases, rinse eyes, do not touch and if continues to be a problem, you can even talk to pharmacist for eye drops
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Why is this question posted under the heading "Dogs"?
Are you sleepy and rubbing them?
Did your gal give you a fist when you had it coming to you?
Do you have any other indications you can share?
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"Thumbs down"?
Get a life and have some fun with it... Or better yet, give more appropriate wording and details to your querries. Your question couldn't have been less ambiguous than "Why is my nose running?"
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I found info on this that might really help on this website:

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