I Have Itchy Armpits On Both Arms, Feels Hot And It Is Sore And Also My Skin Is Broken In Some Places When I Scratch It. My Lymph Nodes Are Sore Too. What To Do?


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There are many reasons of underarm itching like eczema, fungal infection, contact allergy, chemical allergy, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, chronic renal failure, peripheral nerve damage, malignancy and diabetes. Swollen lymph nodes can be due to infection or malignancy. As all skin diseases can not be diagnosed without physical examination, so in my opinion, you should visit a dermatologist for differential diagnosis and proper treatment.
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I know this sounds weird but you could have cat scratch fevear if you have been scratched recently. The only reason I suggest this is because my sister had this when we were younger and the symptoms were about the same
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Another thing is an allergic reaction to the deoderants used,and how often it is washed off,I get this sometimes and I feel like I'm tearing everything away from my body when I scratch,so what I do is shower again making sure I wash thoroughly under the arms and I don't use anything but powder for the night.Good luck!!

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