I Have A Lump In My Monroe Piercing. What Is It? Will It Go Away?


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A lump around your piercing might be a cyst, a keloid or an infection. The best thing to do is to have a professional piercer or a doctor examine the affected area.

What's this lump around my Monroe piercing?
Figuring out what's causing the lump around your Monroe piercing might not be easy - as, essentially, you'll need to know what's inside your lump.

If your lump is full of pus, blood or fluid, then you might be dealing with a cyst. An inflamed and pus-filled area might also signify an infection.

If the lump is dry and hard, then this is most likely scar tissue. Scar tissue will sometimes form around a piercing when your body recognizes the jewelry as a 'foreign object' and begins to create tissue as a protective 'wall' around it.

Whilst swelling is completely normal with any piercing, a raised bump (no matter how small) is usually a sign of a problem! So your next step should be to either:

  • Review your piercing aftercare guidance (you can find a copy of some monroe piercing aftercare here.)
  • Or, you need to visit your piercer/doctor and get a professional opinion.
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tattoos.lovetoknow.com Go to the website above... It states that the monroe piercing is prone to infections, especially if not well cared-for.

It also states that you should NOT play with the stud, nor should you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages as all of these can affect the piercing.

Hope this helps!! 


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