Are You Ugly?


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Olivia Barlow answered
Go ask yo mama!
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No, I am rather attractive, but in the morning I could scare the crows!
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Mary Ann Cassidy
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Just wanted to add: I have been described as stunning, but in order to achieve this, my clothes have to be right, also my hair and makeup! I have fine hair, so this takes half an hour for resolution. Also I'm always working, so I seldom achieve this look. If I was rich I would hire someone to get me together, 'cause I like to look good! Oh well! Thank God for makeup!
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Well then you are very ugly in the morning then
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Yes. I have never been anything but ugly... Disgusting.... And worthless.
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Are you ugly?

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Jaimie JT answered

No ... No I'm not. I'm sexy and I know it :p

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Barb Cala
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He's not too sexy for his shirt ... what shirt? lol
Jaimie  JT
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Lol :) if you know ancient hippy .. He's to sexy for his shirt , just ask him ;) oh !! Maybe that's ancient hippy in that video then .. Yeah nah :)
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I dont now, the Mirror doesnt burst when i look in to it .Can you tell me if i am or am not ugly?1

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