How Do You Keep Your Skin Fresh During Summer?


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During summer season, we have to bear sweating problems. Even if we sit away from the cool area for a while we find ourself sweating at a fast pace. This is really troublesome because it has a direct impact on our skin and its smoothness and freshness.
If we are serious about protecting our skin from the bad effects of the summer season then we should prefer to do many small things which will probably have a positive impact on a broad scale upon our skin. We should drink water in higher quantities. We should go for fresh juices of fruits. It is better to drink milk before sleeping at night. You should use lassi too. Lassi is a drink which is to be prepared by mixing milk, water, sugar and yogurt. This is very refreshing. It reduces the ill effects of summer upon our body.
We should make cucumber paste and add rose water to it. We may apply this paste upon our skin for five minutes everyday. It will kill the ill effects of sunlight. We should apply sun block before coming in contact with sunlight. It is better to wash our face when ever we can manage. Use a cool face wash for this purpose.
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Drink a lot of water and wash your face by simple a little cool water it wud give you soothing effect
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Drink about eight to ten glasses of water a day .Go for cool facials n if you cannot afford that use banana mash ,a spoon of of honey n some fresh orange juice mix it n apply the mask on face ,definately you ill have glow in your skin.
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I drink a lots of water everyday. Try my best to avoid sunlight. Clean my face with face wash and go for Shahnaz herbal facial for twice in month.

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