How Do You Get Lipstick Off Your Skin?


17 Answers

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Jack Mahon answered
Just tell people you're an Indian and on the warpath looking for a head to scalp so stay outta your way..
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Joan answered
If you have a creamy facial cleanser, that will work.  Ponds face cream is one product that comes to mind.   Be generous and rub it around the lipstick area very well then wipe with a facial tissue.  You may have to do it more than once, but it will work.
YATHI RAJU answered
Wash with hot water.
Jean Jackson Profile
Jean Jackson answered
Use hot water with a rag,tissue or paper towel :]
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Wash it with hot water it should work
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Julia answered
Baby oil or mineral oil works really well to get make up off your face. Just be sure to use soap and water afterward.
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justin fitz answered
Lipstick is made from a hardened fat from whales to remove this you should use a form of Windex or a counter top cleaner and stop cheating on your GF helps

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