What do you girls wear during the summer?


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Kaitlin Bleh Profile
Kaitlin Bleh answered
Clothes. No I'm kidding. I have a bunch of cute tank tops, more like sleeveless blouses. And a bunch of cute pairs of shorter shorts. But not like short shorts. And I also wear like jogging shorts and t-shirts or boy tank tops. And green or blue converse.
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Neji Shaul answered
Well I'm a tom-boy so I'm mabye not the best person to answer this but I where short shorts, a tee-shirt, and for shoes I where Converse,Hope I helped =)
susie ai Profile
susie ai answered
Shorts graphic tees and flats
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Neji Shaul
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Ewwwwww!!!!!!!! Flats!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!!!!!!! I dont own a pair...........
Converse rule!!!!!!!!!!
Maddie commented
Haha yep I wear converse too :DDD
Michelle De mondragon Profile
Short shorts, Flip Flops, tank tops/spaghetti straps.
Maria Not Telling Profile
Shorts Capris short shorts tank top t-shirts cameos sandals strapie heals  flip flops
leeanzia Profile
leeanzia answered
A cinglet to short shorts and flip plops and sometimes even short shorts and a bikini top
emma johnson Profile
emma johnson answered
I like wearing capris and simple t shirts and sometimes summer frock kinda dresses=) well footware would be converse or flip flops or floaters footware=)
Maddie Profile
Maddie answered
A T-shirt, jean capris OR short shorts, and a pair of flip flops unless I'm going somewhere that requires a lot of walking, then I wear Converse. I also tie up my hair in a ponytail because my hair (that goes to my waist) is like a hot blanket on humid days.

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