How To Cure Pimples?


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The main cause of pimple is oil. Therefore, we have to restrict oil as possible as you can to cure the pimples.
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Drinking lot of water also cure pimples.and also apply lemon and alovera to face and massage it for 15min.and use soap which contains lemon & alovera.
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By  not  eating  oily  foods  such  as  groundnut.
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Pimples are some watery spots that appear on the face. These pimples sometimes after diffusing may cause some scars or marks on the face. Many doctors says that it may be due to hormonal changes in the body which may lead towards pimples on face .

I would never suggest to take any medicine . My elders says that this may be due to stomach upset. And he heated stomach cause pimples on face .

Another factor of pimples may be polluted air . We should have to take proper care of our skin and we should keep on washing our face with normal tap water almost at least for seven to eight times a day . It has also been said the waters is the best tonic for face . We should also take plenty of water each day , because water supported our body to dissolve all acidity into our body . Water also helps to clean your blood and if blood is clean that there will be very less chances to have pimples . Water also clears our face and helps reducing pimples as well .
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Pimples or acne are actually seen during adolescence. When there is a hormonal change in the body, there is also the secretion of excess natural oil by the body. This accompanies the physical and mental shift that also takes place at the time. The excess oil secretion results in blockage of the pores of the skin. The tiny ducts get blocked and when the oil is exposed to air, oxidization takes place and a 'blackhead' is formed. The blackhead and the resultant swelling is what we refer to as acne or pimples.

The best and safest way to cure pimples is by maintaining a clean skin. You should ensure to wash your face regularly, especially when you return after being exposed to the dust and grime outside. Cosmetically, pimples can be cured by regular steam and massage therapy. The blackheads are forced out and the skin is treated with a massage and face-mask. There are many medical applications also available for the treatment of pimples or acne. The ointments available contain benzoyl peroxide that is known to be very effective in the treatment. There are a number of beauty products dedicated to the treatment of acne, like Clearasil and Mederma. However, the best and most cost-effective method remains, maintaining an oil-free and clean skin.
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I had problems with acne on the upper back until I was 30 and found a solution. Here are some suggestions:

Get yourself a product including Salicylic acid. This costs like 10€ in a pharmacy and will last you some time. Personally I apply this while showering on my upper back but you could also use it similiar to a face wash, depending in your problem zone.

Then get you a prescribtion for a product including Zinc acetate as a topical. (at least you need a prescribtion for this in Europe). You could add zinc as a supplement (pills).

If this is not working (and I promise it will). You would have to go for harder stuff like retinol creme.

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You can use tea tree oil.

How to apply:

Mix some tea tree oil drops with aloe gel (1 teaspoon).

Apply the mixture to the pimples

Cleanse off after  20 minutes.

In the circumstance that you get blackheads, you can consult useful tips at: Home remedies for blackheads

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I drank organic purple grape juice for 3 months when I was in the 6th grade and my pimples all went away. They were really bad. My teachers were amazed.

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