Is It Bad To Squeeze Pimples?


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Yes, it is true. My sister use to squeeze the big ones and leave the little ones, she used to do it all the time and she has scars now if you only did it once ,I don't know but I can tell you the pro active really does work the next time for boyfriend insist you pop the pimple, tell him to buy you a bottle of pro active if the pimple bothers him that much and you wont have to worry about scars.
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Yes its really bad to touch,pick,go around or pop pimples because if you notice there get bigger,red,lightly swollen if you don't pop it right.There are some types of stages that may require you to pop them"the right way".But even so it is very rare for a pimple to get better by popping,I went to my dem. And he said that you should leave them alone and wash your face with fresh cold water as many times a day and then dry skin with a towel by patting on your skin not rubbing towel!!THAT IS BAD!!!! PAT DRY IS GOOD!! If your boyfriend does like you he shouldn't care about a pimple on your face and most of all if he really likes you he wouldn't touch nor squeeze it,knowing that it will get worse. "( Remember to not put perfumed lotions on face skin it gives you wrinkles and may cause the pimples to swell. Its been my pleasure helping you. :)
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It will leave scars and cause it to spread
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Yes, it is bad to squeeze pimples for the common fact that it can spread the infected juice to other pores surrounding the pimple. This causes more pimples. Also this causes scarring of the skin.
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It is, but it is fun to squeeze - especially the pressurized ones - the ones that shoot out and splatter on the bathroom mirror.  Blackheads are also fun to squeeze, but bad for you.  They can leave scars
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You guys I realy think squeezing them is a no no but my dad insists that it's good to. So should I listen to him or not

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