How To Cure Skin Rash?


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Shingles is more common clinical acute herpes-like skin, from chicken pox, caused by herpes zoster virus. The virus penetrated the body from respiratory infections, latent to the dorsal root ganglia or other parts of the nerve cells in the disease. The virus usually can not the disease, when the low immunity (for example: Trauma, fatigue, cold, cancer, immune disorders, etc.), the latent virus will multiply, so that ganglion inflammation, necrosis, causing the patient pain , while the virus along the nerve pathway downstream, to the nerves caused by segmental herpes region. Showing a number of clinical herpes set cluster group, arranged in strip along the peripheral nerve distribution, often has unilateral, generally no more than superficial midline, with irregular zonal distribution, common in the chest, back and facial, local skin burning sensation, accompanied by neuralgia. Disease at the beginning, mainly for the general fatigue weakness, loss of appetite, mild fever, feeling of burning diseased parts quickly, jumping pain. In the event of the chest or waist, often misdiagnosed as heart disease or acute abdomen so. The disease is equivalent to Chinese medicine, "girdling fire Dan," "spider sore," "snake strand sore," "Fire with Dan," "steamer with sores," "snake Dan", "flying snake Dan," and so on, commonly known as " girdling Dragon ", available year round disease.
Herpes zoster. If not treated properly will be left after-effects and approaches. Recommend external application of Chinese medicine treatment. Uses a traditional surgical sticking plaster to increase myogenic Dan cure. Plaster could stimulate blood circulation, dredge the meridians, care drug cured rot, heat detoxification, Buqihuoxue; "Muscle Dan" can be asked to go out poison, wound around the organization to improve the microcirculation, regional blood flow faster, while remnants of epithelial cells can promote tissue growth, remove rot myogenic, by external application of plaster, Sida Health muscle, through meridians. Can block the virus spread rapidly. Repair nerve, to rule out the virus in vitro. To make context clear, blood flow and do not leave sequelae.

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