How Do I Clear Up My Acne Prone Skin? My Skin's Very Oily, And I've Even Tried Proactive! HELP!


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Oops you and me facing same problem but I overcome mine a little bit. My suggestion to you is that you wash your face several times in a day with antiseptic soap as well as acne free soap. Massage your face with ice cubes whenever you are  going before  in sunlight. Also use Mothercare fairness cream before exposure to sunlight, diet must be free from heavy oil contents,always keep a tissue paper or handkerchief to continuously clear your skin whenever the oil appears on the face. Always wash your face before and after of sleep, don't scratch your pimples with nails if you do this then a hole or black spot appears on that particular area of your skin, take full hours of sleeping,drink much water in a day as much as you can,don't hesitate with peoples that you got acne on your face just care peoples and emphasis on your face I think after short period of time your problem will solve soon , but remember one thing I am male I apply these above mentioned activities on my face and got good results I don't know either your male or female just try on your face I hope GOOD HELPS you...
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Wash your face several times a day. Eat fish, the oils in the fish are good oils, and they are good for the skin, so is rice. You don't have to swear off chocolate, it's not the enemy if it's not eaten all the time. Sounds funny, but exercise is a good factor in having a healthy body, and the skin will follow suit if you are healthier, and never forget the one thing that the body needs most, water. Hope this helps you. Good luck.
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I would like to add eat plenty of vegetables and fruit they contain many nutrients that are beneficial for your skin.
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Thank you very much 8D
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Mix 5 gram lemon 5 gram glycerine and 5 gram Rose water and apply it on your face twice a day and watch it after half an hour.  Do it for 6 weeks and you will see the change in your skin .

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I too had acne prone skin for quite a long period and i have tried several products. But i have improved my skin with some home remedies.

1. Drink plenty of water
2. Use cucumber in food or you can apply the juice on your face.
3. Use Multani Mitti with rose water on face (make a face pack)
4. Use potato juice on your face.
5. Wash your face with luke warm water.
6. Try Including lemon in your diet if that suits your skin.
6. Mint cleansers are really helpful.

Here you came to know that How to get rid of acne? There are also various home remedies for acne to get rid of pimples or acne instantly.

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