What Can I Do To Help My Very Dry Skin On My Hands?


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Get Healthy Hoof it used to be used on horses but it works really well.
BEN GREGO answered
This may be an indicator of some other health problem...you should really see a dermatologist...in the meantime, try to find a pair of those white cotton gloves you can wear overnight after you have applied your favorite cream - cream, not lotion!!! And hand cremes don't have to cost a lot!!! Start with good old cocoa butter!! It comes in jars and is rather inexpensive, but does the job..also, during the day when you wash your hands, right after you dry your hands, IMMEDIATELY apply your hand creme....You can also try, before bedtime, and the gloves, to put some baking soda in the palm of your hand, on top of your soap (or whatever you use to wash your hands) and make a paste of it by gradually adding water...then 'wash' your hands with the baking soda, rinse very very well, then apply the creme...always read the labels!! Always stay away from any products that contain mineral oil or petrolatum; petrolatum is the generic term for "Vaseline"...these are by products  of the oi industry and you sure don't want  them on your hands - or face!! Do a little checking on labels, then try the gloves...I think the Vermont Country Store website may carry them.....Good luck!!!
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I would try using tea tree oil.
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I have had this a couple of times when gardening in the summer. I know this sounds gross, but I have used Mazola Corn oil for adding moisture to the skin again, and it really does work for me. Hope this helps.
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Try Eucerin cream, It the Best for dry skin. You can find it at any local department store.
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Put some cream on your hands put on some gloves befor you go to bed then in the morning your hands will be a soft as a feather!
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Put some cream on your hands before you go to bed and wear cotton gloves over the cream. In the morning, your skin will be amazingly soft. Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment is the best to use and it comes in a red jar or tube. Eila x

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