How Are Tights Made?


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Don't know but they are sexy things
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The term tights applied to a form of fabric leg covering, by and large extending right from an individual's waist to feet, and of course fitting as closely as feasible to the body. Thus it gets its name. Most tights are made of nylon or cotton. Yet lycra is usually included as well these days in blends so as to improve fit. Remember tights can be made from anything from Acrylic to Polyester and are typically blends of materials.

There are plenty of sub-classifications of women's tights intended to describe the specific construction like control top or seamless or even support.

In women's fashion, you find unfooted tights are frequently referred to as leggings. While athletic tights are regularly unfooted, they could include a "stirrup" which actually goes under your foot in order to keep the cuff down close to the ankle.

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