How Are Fur Coats Made?


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Fur coats have been popular for thousands of years. They were first invented by Neanderthal man who used to protect himself from cold weather by killing furry animals and making a coat out of them. Later, it became a mark of noblemen and other people of similar rank used to wear them. It was supposed to be a mark of royalty. Fur is actually the coat of an animal such as the fur of the bear or a dog. The most famous animals that were known for their nice warm furs are foxes, wolves, rabbits, mink, cats, dogs and other such furry animals. The animals are killed in this process and the coats are skinned from their body and treated safely by using anti-bacterial substances.

There have been a lot of controversies about furs for many years now and animal activists wish to stop this practice as they believe the killing of innocent animals is an immoral and an unethical act. You can also purchase fake fur in case you do not want to wear the skin of any animal on your body.
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Bonita Bond , Fur coats and leather products are made from furry animals and animal hides. , answered

Fur coats and leather products are made from furry animals and animal hides. Clothing made of fur requires animal pelts and involves chemicals such as table salts, acids, sawdust, degreasers, dyes and toners. It is quite a lengthy process to create clothing out of fur with many steps involved, making it a very skilled craft. You can pretty much many types of different fur clothing, for example, you can see some great images of the different types of styles and colors at and basically any other fur clothing site.

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