What Is The Best Way To Hide Beard Shadow Using Makeup?


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Daisy Sarma answered
It can be a very embarrassing scenario to be wonderfully dressed, but have beard shadow on your face. There are many ways you can hide this; the best way to hide it is using makeup. It can be done cheap, and is very effective.

You will need to use a cheap lipstick, preferably red color, a concealer, foundation, and may be a pan stick.

This is how you can do it. Before applying the stuff, make sure your face is freshly shaved. After that, once your face is totally dry and oil-free, you can start the makeup process. Use the concealer first, in a thin layer. Then, use the cheap red lipstick - dab it in dots and then mix it in with the concealer. The red effectively masks the bluish colour of the beard shadow. Optionally, if you have a beard shadow still, you can apply the pan stick. Use Max Factor. Next, apply liquid foundation evenly across the skin. Next, apply some powder to take off the sheen of all the stuff you have put on so far. The make-up that you have now will effectively cover the beard shadow.

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