Where did you get the best haircut you've ever had? 


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A backstreet barber in Daejeon, South Korea was the location for my best ever haircut, although I usually really enjoy getting my hair cut, anyway.

My best haircuts
I've got something of an obsession with haircuts, and an even more unusual appreciation of "cheap haircuts".

Aside from the money-saving aspect, I find local hairdressers and barbers really fascinating, and getting a haircut can be more of a "ritual" in certain establishments. 

When I was little, I used to go to the local barber shop to get my hair cut with my dad - and that's just one of those weird memories that I look back on fondly.

I grew up in Rome, Italy, and there was always a group of old men drinking coffee and complaining about life and football in the barber shop. 
Since those days, I've had my hair trimmed by discount barbers all over the world. 
 My favorite haircut in the world 

Some of my favorites were in London: A chain hairdresser on Camden high street, a family-run barber shop in Golders Green. 
My haircut in South Korea was memorable because of how surreal the experience was. Considering Daejeon (in the center of the Korean peninsula) doesn't get many tourists, the barber's attempts to communicate with me in English were very amusing.

The trim only cost me the equivalent of $0.50, too! 
Having my head washed with a hose running from the wall was also another memorable aspect of that salon experience.
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Melinda Moore , Ex-hairdresser's model, answered

The best haircut I've ever had was also quite possibly the worst, depending on who you asked at the time!

In the early to mid-'80s, I was modelling for a London hairdresser, who worked for Charles Worthington, and who did a lot of session work. (This means cutting and styling hair for photographic sessions, album covers etcetera, rather than working in an ordinary salon all the time.)

This guy was well-known for being a highly-experimental hairdresser anyway, and notorious for taking no notice of what clients wanted, and doing what he thought would suit them instead.

I must admit he was usually right, but his clients must have become pretty nervous before finding that out.

However, he took even less notice of my opinion than he did of theirs as, not only was I his house model, I was also his girlfriend, which meant that there were no holds barred when it came to my hair, as far as he was concerned.

This is how I came to have one of the first (if not the first) buzz-cuts in the UK at the time.

For those of you too young to recall the buzz-cut, it was a combination of very short hair and longer pieces, originally inspired by punk haircuts.

Mine was rather more extreme than most of the subsequent buzz-cuts which later became quite popular, partly because it was cut entirely using clippers (no scissors at all), and partly because, as my hair was very bright red, it was always going to stand out more than most!

Most people in London loved the cut when they saw it, though, and it got my hairdresser a lot of publicity and attention at hair shows and the like, but - when I had to return home to the provinces where I lived - then that was a whole different story! 

People would point and laugh at me in the street.

Luckily, I didn't care. It was the most versatile haircut I've ever had, and I'd still opt for it now, if I wasn't far too old to get away with it.

If the longer hair was left hanging down, it looked like a particularly edgy, messy bob, as you can see below.

However, if the longer pieces were tied up, it looked like a totally-convincing short haircut, a bit like Annie Lennox's cut in the video for the Eurythmics song, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)".

When my boyfriend was in charge of my hair, getting ready for a night out, he'd also insist on creating complicated wraps of fabric to wear around my head, as you can see in the last photo, below. 

(This was long before head-wraps of any king became popular in the UK, and so it also looked odd to many people. Or so they said.)

Anyway, as you can see, this really was a versatile haircut, as well as an unusual one.

Of course, apart from the fact that I loved my buzz-cut - and was distraught when my boyfriend became bored with it and decided it was time for something new - the other best thing about it was that, as with all my haircuts at the time, it didn't cost me a penny. 

In fact, it made me money!

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The best haircut I've ever had was in North Korea.  Two solid hours for a haircut, shave, and massage.  All for just the equivalent of 2USD.  And I filmed it!

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Where I go now, at the Men's Barbers on Offut Air Force Base, Wichita. I used to go to the beauty shop, but one week when they were too busy to fit me in, they suggested I try the barber's. They have lady barbers on duty as well as men all the while, and they cut my hair exactly how I want it, and I never have to wait more than ten minutes, usually less.

My hair is very fine and is beginning to thin on top. It has no body whatever, and has never taken a set properly without a perm, not even to really maintain its shape. These lady barbers seem to know just how to layer it, so that it goes into a nicely stacked pageboy at the back and curves round and under to frame my face just at the jaw line. And it keeps in shape for two whole months, by which time I am ready for another trim.

I have never felt happier about my hair in my life. And they charge me a grand total of $8.50 per cut. Needless to say, I never leave without a tip of at least $4.00! How could I give them any less!

The Wichita hairdresser who did my hair for my wedding day also played a blinder. But although it was a lovely pageboy cut, it was also set with a fringe of little kiss curls over my forehead. It was a special hairdo for a very special day, but I could not have hoped to maintain it for every day the way I can with my current style.

The wedding picture I use for my avatar was one of the the photos taken at our blessing service in England, a week after the wedding, and was styled more simply than the one for the wedding. The little creamy pink fresh rosebuds I wore in my hair were ornament enough without elaborate kiss curls!
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I have never been to a salon in my life. That is the truth. I have heard so many nightmare stories about ladies with long hair coming out with less than half their hair, that I just won't go. I have cut my own hair all my life, other than the time that my mother had it cut when I was in the 4th grade.

Remember that shag cut, that is what she got me, and I don't remember getting the cut, but I remember crying because I didn't want my hair cut. It sure didn't look good on me either, don't have the right hair for that cut.
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Super Cuts.... My last cut. The lady that cut my hair had hideous hair... But boy, is she good.

I've been looking for a good stylist since I moved to Mississippi.. Been to several... I will definitely go back to her... And it was under $30 for both my daughter and I.
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Usually it is scary to have a haircut from some one with ugly hair. But they can also be the best. I just want the stylist to do what I asked her to do, not what SHE wants to do unless she truly believes I am making a huge mistake and will be forever sorry
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I was a little worried about her cutting my hair... My daughter wanted hers cut too, and i went first so if mine was bad we could go someplace else for melissa....lol
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I go to Mastercuts. The manager there has cut my hair for many years. She is constantly booked.
I've had many different styles and she does a great job for a great price. AND I tip her well.

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