A Friend Of Mine Has Very Deep Set Eyes, How Can She Apply Her Eye Makeup To Make Them Less Sunken Looking?


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Eye liner is always good when applied along the bottoms of the eyes, it makes your eyes pop. Try using lighter colors, and apply eye shadow on the bone of the eye at the top, it makes your eyes stand out and look younger.
Covergirl has some eye enhancing shadow:
It works pretty well.
Hope this helps your friend!
Also for the eyeliner try white or brown, sometimes black can make your eyes look worse.
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There are various type of eyes and makeup can improve the look of the eyes and ultimately the personality. For deep set eyes, take following procedure for makeup.

  • Set the eyelid crease backward.
  • Choose light shadows like beige or pale pink
  • Intense shading on brow
For more details, visit Eyes makeup.
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this helped some but, i need a little more detail. for example: how do you set the eyelid crease backward?

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