Green eyes what color eyeshadow to wear?


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Why should you,if you have green eyes.i say just some very thin dark eyeliner to draw attention to your green eyes.
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Ever heard the syaing less is more.
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I love using a maybelline color tattoo in barely branded. It's I champagne/nude color and add a bit off any brown mascara and BOOM my eyes stand out!

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For green eyes you must prefer the black eye shadow or maybe a brown one.The blue eye shadow also give you a great look.You can also prefer the smokey eye make up. It will suit your eye color. Hope it will work for you.

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I think a dark shade is the best for green eyes :)

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Neutrals...bare essentials has a great mineral shadow & one of the colors is called city lights. It's a gorgeous neutral & it goes with any color you wear & any eye color. They also have a color called bubbly which is also a gorgeous neutral & I would choose a dark brown liner

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Hey:) I have green eyes too...,, usualy when I wear eyeshadow I would wear a bit of black and a tiny bit of white,, with some eveliner to create something like a smokey look??... Or once I wore a kind of light bronzey kind of color and it actually looked nice... I also agree with steph..,, maybee mix a dark green with something like a metalic blue or something??
Hope this helped:)

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