Will liquid eyeliner stay on my waterline if I dry it with a cottonswab first?


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When you are applying your eyeliner, you need to consider a number of things:
  • Applying to the waterline
It has been advised that you don't apply liquid eyeliner onto a waterline, as it has a direct link to the eye. This can damage your eyes over time and result in you having bad eyesight in the future. Instead, you can apply your eyeliner to your lash line underneath your eye, making sure that you pat your lower lashes down as much as you possibly can do when you are doing this.
  • Comfort
Having a dry waterline may make your eyes itchy, especially if you have rubbed it dry with a cotton swab. This will result in all your hard work around your eyes being ruined in seconds; usually without you even realizing. It may happen that you will go out and then forget that you're wearing the eyeliner and accidentally rub your eyes and ruin your eye makeup look.
  • Alternatives
If you would still like a dramatic, dark look on your waterline, you can instead opt for a kohl liner. A kohl liner is a bit like a colored pencil, meaning that you can just draw the line on and it will fill in with a creamy, thick black line. This eyeliner is made for the waterline, meaning that it is less likely to hurt your eyes or cause discomfort.

However, the first few times you apply kohl eyeliner to your waterline, you will probably experience a tickling sensation, meaning that it may be difficult to apply. This will go with time, allowing you to get better at applying your kohl eyeliner on your waterline.

When using any makeup for your eyes, be sure not to share it with your friends. If you do, you may get an eye infection that they are carrying.

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