My Daughter Had Her Tongue Pierced One Week Ago And Has A Small Amount Yellow Drainage On Top Of Her Piercing She Old Me Other Friend Had This Same Thing While It Was Healing. Is This True?


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Puss is not normal in a tongue piercing however having dead skin around the tongue piercing is(white looking)
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It will be sore for a while yet. Is she following her aftercare routine properly? Rinse out the mouth with salt water after every meal, avoid smoking as this delays healing and use ice and general painkillers for the swelling and pain. Have you tried going back to the piercer for advice? You can always take it out and have it done again but if she's not taking good care of her piercings then I'm afraid this or more serious complications will simply happen again. Good luck.
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I have had mine done for atleast 10 days now and I still have a load of yellow stuff on there don`t worry I went to where I got it done and they said this is normally as your body treats it as an infection so your body is trying to get rid of it :D its all ok :)  it is very sore for the 1st couple of weeks but after the smaller bar is in its good :D
hope this helped you
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Actually this is completely normal, since your tongue can't "scab over" it leaves a sort of whitish yellow substance on your tongue around the piercing, some people experience this and some don't it all depends on your body, I personally did experience this and I was worried also so I did go to my doctor and she said that it was completely normal... And in reply to people saying to take the jewelry out I cannot stress enough about how important it is to not take it out if you would happen to get an infection if you take out the jewelry it can trap the bacteria inside the piercing in turn making it worse.

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Puss is never normal. I've known people who have pierced their tongue without infection. Sounds like they got pierced with dirty stuff. Take the studs out, let the tongue heal, then take the girls to a reputable place to have them pierced.

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