What Are The Risks Involved With Cosmetic Surgery?


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Cosmetic Surgery is done for to enhance your physical appearance after accident or by individual's wish. There are many different types of cosmetic surgeries available for different body part and for performing different types of alteration to that body part.

For Eg,:

For Breasts, you can have a cosmetic surgery for:

1. Breasts enlargement

2. Breasts Reduction

3. Breasts implant

There are diverse risk associated with cosmetic surgery based on different types of surgeries.

But the most important risk is that, it does not covered in any type of insurance policy. As it is surgery which depends on individual's wish.

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Hi Annabelle, thank you for your suggestion, i made the necessary changes and will never do it in future. I din't write this with the intention of insulting anyone.
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There are always risks involved with any procedure, even when it's considered non-invasive. For cosmetic surgery, you lessen your chances if you get the right doctor because these professionals are more concerned about your health rather than making money.
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Like any other surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery too has its share of risks. While things do not go wrong commonly, it is a good idea to be aware of the different risks involved before opting for cosmetic surgery. At a macro level, there are three risks associated with cosmetic surgery.

The first risk involves the surgeon. For a proper procedure, the cosmetic surgeon must be a good one. You have a lot to lose if he turns out to be bad at his job, or relatively inexperienced.

The second risk has to do with the procedure. You do not know, until the operation is over, that things have gone well. Sometimes by the time you know, it can be late. Rectifying a botched cosmetic surgery is a long and painful process.

The third risk is the money factor. Cosmetic surgery itself is a costly affair. Having to spend more because of the surgeon's inefficiency can be irritating and frustrating. Of course, in the event things go wrong, you can always claim damages, but that is too is a lengthy affair, and cannot undo any damage done and the trauma you underwent subsequently.

Besides these three general risks there are specific surgery related risks as well – infection, allergic reactions, longer time to heal, etc.
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My question is about the purpose tou need to get when you go to use the cosmetic surgery. For instance, if I use  every day, I have no necessity to risk my own skin, face and others to work with the surgery. So main  reasons are connected to the cosmetics view first. And then the real results.

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