Is It Possible To Have A Keyhole Surgery Facelift?


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Yes, this is becoming more and more common. Cosmetic surgeons now use endoscopic or keyhole facelift surgery quite routinely to perform parts of the facelift, particularly the brow lift. Several tiny cuts are made into which an endoscope, a thin fibre optic tube with a camera at the end, is introduced. Tiny instruments are placed under the skin through other small entry holes. The surgeon performs the facelift surgery using images from the endoscopic camera on a large screen TV that relays the images from the endoscopic camera.
This type of operation is extremely skilled but it does produce only small cuts in the skin so the scarring after the surgery is much less than occurs with a full face lift, which involves quite large incisions from the temple, around the ear to the back of the scalp.
Some surgeons also use a technique calledminimal access cranial suspension (MACS), in which shorter cuts are made in the temple and in front of the ears. Tissue is tightened from the edge of the face and sewn in place.
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Can you send me a list of surgeons in the UK that perform keyhole face lift surgery please?  I live in Kent but would be willing to travel anywhere in the UK

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