Are There Any Side Effects To Liposuction?


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Generally we tend to think of liposuction as being a relatively safe procedure. But there are risks: around 1 in 5000 people die from the procedure. Liposuction is basically excess fat which is suctioned out from beneath the skin. One of the major drawbacks to liposuction is that it is only a temporary measure, unless someone addresses why they got fat in the first place and continues to overeat, the fat will return.

From an aesthetic point of view, removing fat from under the skin leaves skin flabby. The skin has expanded to cover the fat, so when it is removed suddenly, the skin is still stretched and will take time to settle back to how it used to be.

More seriously, there are risks associated with the fluids which are injected in under the skin before the liposuction can start. This fluid may cause the heart to overwork and lead to heart problems.

Embolisms, nerve compression and the risk of infection from the suction devices are all real risks associated with liposuction. These risks should be discussed with a health professional prior to any liposuction procedure.

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