Are There Any Ways To Make My Lips Look Fuller Without Having Cosmetic Surgery?


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Full lips are extremely common these days and fortunately there are plenty of products out there that aim to plump the lips up, without the need for surgery.

Most products on the market take a little while to work and they build the volume up gradually. However, you can also buy something called a lip enlargement pump. While this may sound painful, it actually isn't and it works by gently sucking the lip outwards, pulling fluid into the lips and creating a fuller, natural look for a few hours at a time. These pumps are inexpensive and they do work. The best thing about them is that they actually do gradually make your lips look fuller over time without the need to pump them up anymore. There is one downside to this pump however; if used for too long in one treatment, it can bruise the lips. So always remember to take it slow and don't use it too much.

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