Does Anyone Need Help With Financing For Cosmetic Surgery?


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Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive and also addictive, it can therefore put huge financial strains on a person wishing to go under the knife.

Most people who are unable to afford the full amount for cosmetic surgery will seek financial support in the form of a loan. Plastic surgery financing is somewhat different from usual loans such as car loans or home loans. Unlike car or home loans, where there is something to repossess in the event that the person fails to complete the payment, in plastic surgery, nothing can be repossessed.

It is what is called an unsecured personal loan; there is no collateral needed to be able to get one. Because of this, banks are very critical when deciding whether or not a person is eligible for plastic surgery financing. They reduce the chance of getting people who are not able to complete payments, by being very meticulous in evaluating a person’s application for the loan.

A person’s credit report is crucial in being successful when applying for cosmetic surgery financing. Some of the information held in your credit report will come from banks, building societies and credit card companies you have borrowed from in the past, or that you currently owe money to. Other facts on your credit file may come from publicly available sources, such as the electoral register, or be supplied by mobile phone companies and even mail-order firms.

Specifically, your credit report will contain details of when you have borrowed money and whether you have repaid it on time. Therefore if you have had past problems in repaying credit or loans then you would struggle to be accepted for a cosmetic surgery loan.
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No thank you. I personally think I look great! Thanks for the offer though.
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Not for me, I'm fine and some people may not like the way I'm build very petite but I love it, on that not people thats really wanting too go for cosmetic surgery you should understand that its not always 100% successful thats way before one take's up a procedure make sure that really what you want and do some reseach on the specialist that will be doing the you have or know of people that can finance people? There might be people interested here in south africa thats where I'm from
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Im trying to help people who want cosmetic surgery but are having trouble getting financial problems, such as poor credit or just want another option other than a loan.
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I think that this is not the sort of question people on Blurtit are used to being asked, Missqueen. They cannot work out whether you are serious or not, and they are assuming your question is a joke and answering it as a joke. If you are being serious, you might do better advertising on Facebook or Myspace. But ask the advice of the staff on those sites who help with business advertising before you attempt it.
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Now that you mentioned it a hair transplant might work for me.
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I think you look fine just the way you are, Galaxie!

Your friend, Jo
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Some do need help when it comes to paying for a cosmetic procedure. The good news is that a lot of establishments are actually starting to offer special packages to make it more affordable for you.

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