How to get free cosmetic surgery?


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This would be hard because cosmetic surgery is considered to be an elective surgery. If it's a birth defect, then you might want to ask your health care provider for the stipulations. Your best bet would be to look for special packages or promos.
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I think if you show a doctor how ugly you are, they would feel so bad for you that they would offer to do it for free. Just kidding, but seriously, do you honestly think there is a place to get thousands of dollars worth of medical costs for free? Like cosmetic doctors are not interested in money? Good luck with that.
Also, why would you want to go under the knife? You need a mental doctor not a plastic surgeon.
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No i do not need a mental doctor. I have a birth effect i would like to correct.
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The question is NOT about plastic surgery it was for COSMETIC SURGERY and I answered the question accordingly. This must be your first time on Blurtit - welcome. People often ask silly questions and some of them make no sense and some are written by materialistic people that want bigger breasts, smaller breasts, bigger hips, smaller hips, darker skin and lighter skin.
Have fun.

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