Do You Think I'm Ugly?


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EMILY SEN answered
Oh dear let me tell you one thing there is no one in this earth who can be ugly dear cause we humans are created by god and we should be proud of that we are the child of god never bring this crazy thought in your mind that you are ugly and it does not matter how you look from outside cause what matters more is the fact how are you from inside .Just have a good heart and soul and people will love you like anything trust me on this .....
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Hun, you are not ugly. Not one bit. You need to learn how to have confidence in yourself, and that's a huge thing in teenage life. Once you get to realize your gorgeous you will continue to love yourself. |
kthanksbaii (:

Sincerely, Briharves
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scout deere answered
No you're not ugly,you're actually kinda pretty
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Sarah answered
That depends on your personality. Someone can have a stunning exterior but still be ugly if they are mean or selfish; equally, they can be physically unattractive but come across as beautiful because of they way they act. Without knowing you it's impossible to say.
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robert wiiliams answered
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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I know I'M really FAT and UGLY :(.....I weigh near 200 & uhhh I wish I were pretty... D; goal is to lose atleast 60 healths at risk :(
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Your actually really pretty, you just have to believe you are and not get to down in feeling your ugly.
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vivian cruz answered
Okay first, WE are NOT God's kids. We came out of our freakin mom's vagina. We are our parents' children. Second, you aren't ugly. Nobody should feel ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Thinking you're ugly just makes your self esteem go lower and lower which isn't good.
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Syah Agha Khan answered
I feel that but I get a lot of advice today

the different betwen beauty/ handsome n ugly is nothing... It just media imaging to definite this is beauty and that is ugly

you are perfect in your way

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