I Feel So Ugly Lately How Do You Think I Look?


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God doesnt make ugly and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Real true beauty comes from deep within and thats what real men look for and never ever judge yourself against anyone else either as God made each of us unique and different, so please yourself and be happy
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peter johnson
peter johnson commented
I look much like AL CAPONE.
You should be scared--VERY scared indeed.
Stewart Pinkerton
The 'be afriad, be very afriad' quote is from The Fly - not perhaps a great role model for the vain...............
Addilynn Addilynn
@ bigblogger , i disagree , some people may be beautiful and yet have no smile on their face, we dont know we havent been in their shoes have we? Do not assume they are happy just beacuse they have it all , there are some ungreatful ppl in this world ...
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Perhaps I misinterpreted what Bigblogger meant.   I did not read it as a put-down,   for surely he is intelligent and has eye-sight good enough to see that Sportzgirl is a pretty girl.   My interpretation of his comment was,   if a person feels despondent over something (she mentioned a big nose) and that is affecting her happiness then if it is in her power (or that of her parents), she should change it.   Many beautiful people have a nose job or eyebrow lift or whatever it takes to make them feel better about themselves.   I don't see that Sportzgirl needs to go under the knife at all,   but if she is feeling rejected and picked on by her friends and she believes she is not pretty,   perhaps for her own self worth she may wish to consider it.   I would not rush into such a thing, Sportzgirl, for truly you are pretty but give yourself time to realize that what other people think of you is not the way to value yourself.   But, if you reach adulthood and still feel you are not pretty or need assistance of a plastic surgeon, visit one and see what he has to say.   The value of a human being is not found in a mirror.   Could it be that your friends are jealous???
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peter johnson
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Thanks,Nanat,my Blurtit friend.Yes,indeed.
--Sportzgirl may possibly have a misguided disapproval of her own image. This occurs fairly frequently at times among young girls who are outwardly pretty but quite insecure about their looks.
Anyone can see that Sportzgirl looks above-average pretty. Yet she may be suffering a slight variation of what psychologists term: "Body Dysmorphic Disorder" in which the brain transmits a distorted account of a person's looks to the mind of the beholder...
peter johnson
peter johnson commented
...causing them to begin to believe that one part of their appearance is actually "ugly";
Sportzgirl [to me] most resembles say LINDSAY LOHAN, whom many girls perceive as a "Role-Model".
I do not want to urge Sportzgirl to go for cosmetic surgery when there are various other ways of coming to terms with one's appearance without incurring unnecessary expenses/trouble.
The results of having cosmetic surgery in celebrities are proven to be not always the results that were wished for after all
olivia jenks.
olivia jenks. commented
Uhh, bigblogger? I think comparing her to Lindsay Lohan is a bit mean. She's a lesbian and shes in jail. Nonetheless, you are pretty Sportzgirl, and if I were you I'd be happy with the way I looked and wouldn't change anything. Obviously everyone has self esteem issues, I was just saying. Teenagers have issues Science can only try to explain.
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I don't think you are ugly you are very beautiful girl :)
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High Sea Air answered
Your  pictures  pretty  but   I  think  your  too self  centered  , just  tone  it  down  some  your  chasing   friends  away  on  here
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If that's a recent photograph of you, then you are a very pretty girl.
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Sarah commented
Tht is a pic of me i dont put up fake pic anyways if i want to put up a fake pic would i put a prettier girl lol think bout it this girl not tht pretty
peter johnson
peter johnson commented
Fair play to you for honesty.
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godspower okeji answered
Very very ugly
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Merlin Paine answered
You are a pretty girl don't listen to the voices in your head that say otherwise.
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Sarah commented
Ya it just my friends kept on saying i am ugly and i am getting tired of it so i just decide to ask this question thanks
peter johnson
peter johnson commented
Just ignore what your friends are saying; alternatively get yourself a better quality class of friend.
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I think you are kinda hot. I know sounds creepy, but you asked my opinion. I'm not a creep I swear, lolz.
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cam morrison answered
Hahahhahaha ok I got jacob to tell you you look gud! And you don't beleve his sexii azz?! AHHHHHHHHH!! You look gud!! Dam it!! You LOOK GUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! LMAO!!
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Karen answered
Ok..I am not reading the other comments before I write mine. Here goes:
As cornball as this may sound...I was a teenager in the 70's and Carol King had an 8 track (yes, 8 track) named Tapestry...there was a song on there....You have to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world of the love in your heart...It's called Beautiful...in fact, the whole album is good.
Hon, don't worry about what these people are saying about or to you. Odds are they are jealous and remember beauty is only skin deep. The ugliest person in the world can be beautiful if she has the right attitude. There is nothing about your pic that reveals anything near ugly...you are only as beautiful as you feel so go out there and have some good self esteem, be beautiful and screw what others think about you. As long as you have a good moral code and hold that dear to your heart, be strong and KNOW you are beautiful!!
ANITA KAT answered
I don't think you're ugly.I think you're pretty.if people are putting you down-they have a problem.they just want you to feel bad and insecure because they have flaws,and imperfections.when I was younger,people use to say mean thins to me-including my so-called parents.I was so upset.I looked in the mirror one day.I looked at myself a long time.I didn't think I was ugly.I didn't see anything wrong with me.I'm not perfect-nobody is.I've had confidence ever since that day.
emma loveees youuu xo Profile
I don't think you're ugly at all, I think you're very pretty.(and you don't have a big nose at all) I'm not going to say you're beautiful, because I know it sounds cliche but beauty does come from within. And also, ugliness comes from within. Therefore you can not determine whether someone is beautiful or ugly until you know what they are like inside. In my opinion, on the outside you can either look pretty or not so pretty. (and you're pretty) and if your feeling ''not so pretty'' (lol) what I do is just look through youtube videos and stuff on the internet for new make up tips or hairstyles to maybe change my image a bit. That usually makes me feel better about my appearance. Hope I helped!! =P xx
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Don't even think like that
All the humans are equal
GOD has made each and every person beautiful,always think positive,
Remember when a person this thankful to GOD,he/she will be punished in both the world in life and a life after death as well.
So improve your beauty from inside.
And you will be the most beautiful girl in the whole world
Believe in yourself
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I think your pretty. I don't see why your friends say you have a big nose. Maybe they just have small ones. I started thinking about a certain episode of the twilight zone where everyone is ugly and someone beautiful tried to get plastic surgery to become what is beautiful to society.
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Moo C. answered
Don't feel self conscious ok because I don't think you've ever put your face through one of those find your lookalike things and have chewbacca pop out and the app says 100% resemblance, and you are screaming at the computer "BUT THERE IS NO RESEMBLANCE", and then you realize computers don't care LOL
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Santhosh Kumar answered
You look very beautiful. don't think that we are ugly. Every person is beautiful in this world, when he (or) she is helpful for the world. The great A.P.J Abdul Kalam said that "don't think that we are ugly and not handsome. We are great when we give our hand to the people who need help".So don't feel like that and be helpful for everyone and lead your life with happy, joy and glorious...
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I get really confused when girls say they feel ugly , every girl is beautiful , some just don't like to show it , be greatful about your face and body because some ppl in this world have burnt faces, diformed faces etc, so compared to them you are lucky and beautiful and when it comes to life , its not beauty that saves us but its our personality and I am sure you have a great one , so drop the anxiousness and the paranoia , you are beautiful and you know it , and if your frends say you have a big nose , then maybe they are not frends at all....but I'm guessing they are just joking around with you.....now put a smile on your face girl!
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Raj Daphal answered
Firstly, don't ask this question again to anybody even not to your-self. Beauty or body is Nature's creation  never blem anyone for it and all organisms are Beautiful for themselves ok! Then I think you thought yourself on the basis of what others says. Which indicate that your under social criticism . Don't think what others says.
Just remaind I am beautiful again and again whenever you mirror or friends ton-ting you.
You will feel relaxing and Beautiful yourself .
By your profile picture your so beautiful and if I  20yrs french guy I will never  late (leave ) you for  a  single day. God may give you confidence of your beauty.and handsome guy as early as he can.
In Marathi their is perfect song on your problem I wili try to post its  English  translation on your mail
ok by my Beautiful !!!
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suman kumar answered
Looking at the picture (assuming that is you), you are looking cute.
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Sarah commented
Thanks and it is not a fake pic cuz if it was i could have put a prettier girl pic on here
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I don't think you are ugly. I think you are pretty.
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peter johnson
peter johnson commented
In that case,the real problem is what your friends' opinion of you is, and not what your own opinion is, of yourself.
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Danny answered
I'm going to be truthful... Your not that pretty just ...ordinary. Your not ugly but not drop dead beautiful - like me
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Sofia Ramos answered
You look good! :) My big sister always thinks she looks bad, so I'm like "You look fine!" And she's like "No, I don't Sofia!" You look fine! I look ugly...
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peter johnson answered
You could of course try to have a facelift,that is if you or your parents could afford it.
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peter johnson
peter johnson commented
Madmac: I look at myself in the mirror every morning with an awesome sense of admiration,thanks very much.
----On the other hand,I wouldn't be too surprised if you keep having to buy new mirrors 'cos each time you look yourself in a mirror,it shatters lengthwise with the strain.
Stewart Pinkerton
Ah, the self-delusion is becoming terminal....... Still no realistic avater, I see.................
Anonymous commented
Hey come on, he didnt straightforward tell her that she was ugly or anything, he just said it wasn't really good, or perfect or anything.
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Stephen logan answered
Oh I'm sorry, I just picked myself off the floor after seeing your pic(nice!)...see my avatar Sportzgirl!...that should say it all...listen closely and you just might hear me howling right now.LOL! Later!
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Jessica Bolton answered
Wut?! What do you mean you are ugly?! Are you like looking at the wrong person in the mirror???  you have got to be kidding me !!!
Maddy C. Profile
Maddy C. answered
Everyone is beatiful, though it only matters whats on the inside, but yes you are pretty on the out- side, too. Everyone is. :)
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casey green answered
You don't look ugly. If you feel ugly then its time for you to have a random party with friends and that will probally make you feel better
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trht uuiyuii answered
I don't know, put up YOUR picture. That pic is of lonley girl  15 from youtube.
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Sarah commented
Tht is me
trht uuiyuii
trht uuiyuii commented
She is like 20, not 16 and from france. Why do you want ppl to think you are someone else? Also, thank for the thumbs down for stating the obvious.
Danny wutever
Danny wutever commented
Is it true?
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D-e-Z-Z Bleh answered
Hay girl, I'm srry I havnt answerd your ?.. And I didnt c your photo, but photos really don't matter, I think your beautiful by your personality...your bright, smart and truly an amazing person and don't let any1 say otherwize!
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maddi gillford answered
don't call urself ugly your not ugly, your soo pretty I wish I were you, Damn girl I bet you have guys chasing you wear ever you go I bet I'm right ... Anyways have a good one sexii ladyy :)
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Yes, you r right. For looking you r not bad, but your character is rude, you don't care about the people who thinks about you
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solmon commented
Hey, who r u? How would u know abt her? This is not the correct way to say abt her. She is my friend forever. She is sooooooooo good in character as well as pretty in looks
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Syah Agha Khan answered
Look like you are perfectly beauty... What's problem with you/...??

Be confidence and think that you are great

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