Do You Look Better With Or Without Make-up?


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I don't wear make-up since I'm a guy, but my girlfriend does some times.  I think her theory is that If she wore make up all the time I would come to expect her to look that way all the time.  Where as if she only wears it occasionally, when she does I really notice.  Not to say that she looks better with the make up, but rather make up is supposed to accent your natural beauty if done correctly.
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Wow, well I have no choice in the matter, I have to wear make-up without make-up I look like a ghost, haha.  I don't wear a lot of make-up, normally just Mascara and Lipstick and that does the trick, I don't need more than that.  Well let me let you in on a secret the Lipstick and Mascara I wear stay on for almost 24 hours so you look the same way you looked before you went to bed, except for the hair of course, haha
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Gots to wear makeup!!  But if I'm not going anywhere on a Saturday or a Sunday, I usually don't wear it.  I have to say that I do look better with makeup on though.  When I don't wear makeup, I always put on lotion to soften my skin.
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I look fabulous no matter what! I rarely wear much make up beyond mascara. I'm too busy with other things.
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I don't usually wear makeup, but I think this is really for someone else to answer for me....
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I think I "look" better with make up. But I'm so happy when I can just schlump around the house without it!
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Don't do the make up scene, but know how to enhance my natural beauty with out it,but don't knock those that do enhance themselves, just those that look like if you pat them on the back too hard their face would crack because the makeup is so heavy, also learned that those that wear makeup on a daily basis is helping to ruin their own natural skin with drying it out etc......

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